fabric name tag

A lot, it turns out.

My quilt guild asks members to wear name tags at meetings. It’s nice not to have to fumble for the name of the lovely person you chatted with two months ago, so I’m all for the tags. Then the guild took it one step further and encouraged us to make fabric name tags for ourselves. No problem, I thought, I’ll knock a name tag out in an hour some evening.

When I sat down to do this quick project I found that it was harder than I expected. My NAME is on this, first of all, so it can’t just look like any old thing. And I’d forgotten how slow teeny tiny piecing can be! Oh, and I had to find the right size and font alphabet stamps.

It was worth the trouble, though. At the next guild meeting I got a kick out of seeing how everyone handled this project – big name tags, tiny name tags, traditional patchwork name tags, PacMan name tags, embroidered name tags, you name it. (See what I did there?) Now, not only do I have a reminder of people’s names, I get a sense of their maker style, too.

I do realize, though, that everyone else is probably starting at my name wondering how on earth to pronounce “Kaesmene.”* There are some things even great fabric can’t fix.

Happy sewing!

*It’s pronounced “kez-men.” I love my name!